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ABOUT facekindle

faceKindle is a unique ecosystem for crypto, based on a powerful social media platform. In addition to the social platform, it comprises multiple utilities that can be accessed with a single wallet and through a single digital facekindle FKD. In other words, facekindle will provide a single space for all that a crypto user is looking for.

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Our benefits?

Why Choose facekindle?


on facekindle social media platform providing entirely new dimension for cutting edge personal and professional. Infact it will be a game changer for the advertising industry by eliminating worries in advertising sphere.



Client can fund their FX account at any point of time while trading. FKD blockchain will provide fast and secure payment option to traders with very low transaction cost.



in forext gaming platform also known as Binary Options. Users can fund account through FKD as well as they can bet through FKDs on platform.



on super store designed for crypto enthusiasts.



facekindle will be a one stop shop for entertainment by launching it's audio and video platform.

Marketplace issues?

Problems in global marketplace and our solutions


Mistrust takes a toll on digital advertising

Digital advertising is booming yet growth has also brought enormous complexity to the system. By one measure, today’s ad ecosystem has 23 different participants involved in getting an ad from the marketer to the publisher to a consumer—then returning data from that ad back to the marketer.

Each point where data flows among these 23 participants is a point of weakness, where fraud, error, or a reluctance to share could cause the flow to fail, making it difficult or impossible to accurately measure an ad’s impact. Some of these participants only exist in order to reduce the risk of potential fraud. They add complexity without necessarily ensuring accuracy.

Yet without accurate measurements, it’s challenging to create and target ads that will reach the right consumers in the right way. Uncertainty over advertising’s impact also means that the value of ads, and therefore the payments that buyers (whether marketers, agencies, or ad exchanges) make to publishers and other vendors, may be little more than a guessing game. Adding to the risks, one or more ecosystem participants may not be practicing top notch data governance, potentially leaving sensitive data open to theft or misuse.


The facekindle blockchain solution

Picture a digital dashboard where ad buyers can verify and can also pay through digital currency "FKD"—in near-real time—the specifics of how all their various ads in all the different channels are performing: which ads are driving engagement and desired outcomes, and by how much. This dashboard can even confirm the payment made through facekindle FKD without any hassle of engaging middleman or paying extra bank charges.

Different buyers and vendors can choose to run PPC (pay per click) ads or PPI (pay per impression) through FKD. facekindle FKD will be stored in encrypted wallet without fear of fraud or error. This same system offers consumers the opportunity to share or not share personal data with the advertisers of their choice. The complex ecosystem that currently connects ad buyer to publisher to consumer would thus become simple, transparent, safe and fast. With a trustworthy, shared source of truth, over time, most common audits could occur with a click of the mouse. Lawsuits over miscalculated payments or data breaches might become a distant memory.


No crypto payment solution for Forex traders and Investor

The biggest challenge FX industry is facing currently is regulation. FX has given tough competition to many countries internal stock exchanges due to the nature of the product i.e., volatility, easy access, high liquidity and leverage. Even though most of the volume in FX comes from Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.

Clients, therefore, face issues sending money to a FX broker and face even bigger issues withdrawing funds. For instance, currently at least $32 billion in remittances is failing from Asia to the West due to high transaction fees associated with sending and receiving money across borders. Some $44.6 billion is the estimated average amount being paid in fees to move money from one country to another, including developed countries.


FKD Solution for Forex Clients

facekindle FKD is preparing to target FX brokerage firm and retails clients from Asian countries facing issues with remittance for FX account. There are two challenges majority of retail clients are facing:

1. Finding a brokerage firm providing end to end solution for trading.

2. Providing crypto as a payment gateway for faster remittance at a very low cost on both deposit and withdrawal option.

Majority of retail clients focus is on payment option and cryptos are their preferred option compared with traditional fiat payment processors. Reason, crypto payments are much cheaper due to lower transaction costs. Many cryptocurrency payment processors charge a flat 1% fee to the merchant, some as low as 0.5%, compared to 2% – 3% charged by a fiat processing service.


Binary option is termed as Gambling

According to the Binary Option Brokers Association, online gaming companies had searched for years to find a product that was "easy to trade, highly rewarding, and tied to financial markets." The solution: Binary options – also known as "all or nothing" or "high-low" options – which give investors an opportunity to play the market similar to sports betting and roulette.

However, due to lack of education many people and firms have categorised this segment as "casino". Since binary options do not require ownership of the underlying asset, being simply wagers about price direction within a set time. According to CNBC, binary options have become increasingly popular with U.S. investors, despite critics who compare the option to "buying a lottery ticket". Another issues binary option industry is facing is there is no regulation around it as watchdogs are confused between categorising it as a derivatives or gambling. Above all, FIAT payment gateways are not entertaining this industry at all and currently it has been taken over by digital currency.


With the growing demand of binary option and analyzing the problem around this segment, facekindle development team has developed the first tailor-made FKD for binary option platform in association with MOYO.

MOYO will be the first social trading platform offering traditional FX as well as Binary option under one roof and with its own digital currency "FKD".


Entertainment - Too many apps

The average smartphone user has more than 80 apps and uses close to 40 of them each month. This number has risen significantly from 2015 when people only used around 27 apps per month, resulting in a 48% increase. And the problem of switching between apps on a daily basis is becoming even worse as nearly one-fifth of millennials open any app on their phone more than 50 times per day. Considering that users open 9 apps per day on average, an average user has to switch between different applications from around 10 to as much as 50 times per day.

According to the American Psychological Association, switching between different tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time. Opening so many apps so often is very likely to cause the harmful consequences described by APA.


facekindle will save its users from jumping from one app to another. It will combine everything qualitative and quantitative in the palm of users’ hands through a mobile phone or a TV remote. Users will be able to watch quality video content from around the world on Video On Demand. They will have the ability to listen to globally fantastic and therapeutic music on Audio On Demand. Control over their digital homes and appliances will be simplified through artificial intelligence powered automation. Users will also be able to switch to a virtual reality view to enter an entirely new dimension for cutting edge personal, professional, and gaming needs.


Blockchain - facekindle Platform will incorporate the latest blockchain technology for the following reason/functions:



Smart contracts make it easy to implement a sophisticated rewards distribution mechanism.


So, consumers can see the transaction of FKD in real time for different utilities under single dashboard. Blockchain stores an immutable record of all transactions on the network, which allows for data to be easily traced.


One of the main features offered by blockchain is enhanced security. Users can be sure their content will be stored and distributed safety


Accepting payment in cryptocurrencies is convenient for modern, digital-friendly users. It also decreases transaction fees and increases payment processing speed, which is important for a large-scale international application.


facekindle blockchain will allow its user to do mining and rewards will be based on total shares in the pool.


facekindle integrated platform will implement an artificial intelligence that will gather usage data, learn from it, and enhance user’s experience.

our FKD distribution

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  • Fund Management
  • Product Development
  • Investments and Operations
  • 50%
  • 30%
  • 20%
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Future forecast

Our Future Roadmap

2021 Q1
facekindle FKD launch via referral program
2021 Q2
facekindle new social website with fully integrated advertising package
2021 Q3
facekindle FKD listing on 2 more exchanges
2022 Q2
Public ICO launch

2022 Q1
Private FKD ICO launch
2021 Q4
E-Commerce platform with FKD integration
2022 Q3
Audio and Video Platform
2022 Q4
FKD Listing on FX platforms for leverage trading
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