Ismail graduated in mechanical engineering and then undertook a postgraduate course in business and finance. He was employed by a consultancy firm whose clientele included Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s): Suzuki, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. His area of work was concerned with Concurrent Engineering (CE) and Just-in-Time Systems (JITS) where he later assumed additional responsibility for quality assurance.

Ismail’s professional work then led him to the area of digital infrastructure, and he worked in numerous business sectors including e-commerce, finance, and commodities. Most notably his skills were highly valued in the education sector where he made numerous contributions to the education and training industry. Eventually, he delivered Advanced Hybrid Learning Management with ERP Solutions for public (ESFA UK) and private sectors.

His educational background enabled him to enter the banking industry with some prior knowledge and where he dealt with financial security instruments, SWIFT, and S2S payment mechanisms. In parallel with this work, he continued to work on Business and Technical Solutions, QA, Compliances, and Financial Engineering in a range of businesses. In addition, he worked on a range of business developments which included the following: Hyper-Ledger based Products, Dedicated Networks, Partial Order Planning, Session Data Planning, Risk Resolutions, BI and BP in AI and IoT. He continues to develop his skills in this sector and so will always have contemporary skills and knowledge.