Danny has extensive Sales and Marketing experience in the financial sector. He has wide exposure to B2B opportunities and a good track record of winning significant, high-profile contracts in the commercial, government, educational, and finance sectors.

Danny is a seasoned boardroom professional and CEO with an established background in achieving annual targets through strong strategic planning, implementation, and management. He is a strong leader as well as a team player with the proven ability to lead and develop individuals to achieve their full potential.

Danny is a ‘believer’ in training and leadership and can convey the benefits of structured training and educational programs to customers and staff alike. In over 30 years in business, he has continually developed and won new business opportunities. He has also taken a start-up business from conception to selling to a multi-million pound international listed business. He was instrumental in attracting $30 million of investment as MD in a previous company which is now recognized as a leading LMS in the sector. Danny has connections in the UAE and sub-continent and has an impressive track record of 'connecting' businesses in the region. Danny has become accustomed to constant change and continual personal and product/service development.

Most recently Danny was instrumental in attracting 10,000 members in a private company to invest in a cryptocurrency. He has many corporate connections in the City of London, UAE, India, the USA, and Africa. He receives many requests for advice and strategy on daily basis.